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Holiday Inn Zocalo 3*+, Mexico City

Holiday Inn Zocalo 3*+

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Holiday Inn Hotel Zocalo is located in the Main Square of the Historical Center of Mexico City and is the only five star category and international prestige hotel in this area.

Established in front of the National Palace of Government and the Metropolitan Cathedral, five minutes to the Bellas Artes Palace and the Aztec ruins of the Templo Mayor, surrounded by museums, theatres, restaurants, stores, handcraft markets and financial centers. Holiday Inn Zocalo keeps all the importance and greatness in its colonial building, where Emperor Montezuma's Palace was located, and later, the residence of the conqueror Hernan Cortes. Later the building was used as the First House of Government, and later still, it became the House of the Viceroys and House of Arms.
Today, from the terrace- restaurant and comfortable suites with a splendid view to the Zocalo you will feel that ancestral glory that Holiday Inn Zocalo preserves with its beautiful interiors and modern facilities, to offer you the best welcome and prove why it is another treasure of the Historical Canter of Mexico City and heritage of humanity.

Enjoy the independency day┬┤s ask for us special packages include breakfast, room and dinner to Sep 15.

, We have special package for this vacations, if you want to meet the beautiful down town ask for the turibus package, or if you like to enjoy a wonderful play on different theatres

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