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Hotel Riad Aoa 2 Lanterns Oras: Marrakech
Traditional houses with charm, in the arab-moorish style, located in the medina (old city) of Marrakech. Typical and tasteful Moroccan decoration – a simple, all round comfort. The rooms look onto a...
Hotel Valubilis Oras: Casablanca
This charming hotel features Roman architecture and offers everything guests need to enjoy a successful holiday. The air-conditioned hotel provides guests with facilities including a reception lobby with...
Hotel Tombouktou Fez Oras: Fez
Mai multe informații despre acest hotel va fi disponibilă în curândChek într-un 11.00 | Plecare la ora 12H00 | Recepția 24/24 și 7/7Stil dublă Deluxe modern, cu un loc marocan pat confortabil,...
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